The most beautiful places to visit in Himachal

The travelling

Stressed out-> Break from daily routine-> Beautiful places-> Positive vibes-> Relaxation

Travelling is an amazing way to learn a lot of things in life .A lot of people around the world travel every year to many places. Moreover, it is important to travel to humans. Some travel to learn more while some travel to take a break from their life.


 Himachal is the number 1 destination in India . And I do travel in every month because it is my passion.I recently traveled to Manali on my birthday, with my friends. That was the best experience for me and for my friends also .  We started our travelling 14 July at 10 am and we reached there at 9 pm night. During the whole day we stayed for short times in many places for clicking the pictures and for doing some adventure. I love to travel with loud music . So, we started our journey from Chandigarh. After reaching some distance on the way, We had breakfast because we were all very hungry. After breakfast we went back to our destination .


After going some distance, we saw 1 very beautiful place, that place was a little ahead of Solan, we stopped there to click pictures. We clicked a lot of pictures of each other and made good videos, And the view there was very good.We sat back in our car and went to Manali, we had filled the Manali destination in the map, that map was showing us the shortcut. We left the long route and sucked the shortcut, that map took us from the small village to the highway. That shortcut was very difficult for us, it started raining on the cookie road itself, which blocked the way. That shortcut also took the same amount of time as our long route.



1. Where to stay

 If we go anywhere, then this thing comes to our mind that where should we stop which is safe. When we reached Kullu, we liked that Hotel Siddharth, its rooms were very clean and good.  Hotel Sidhartha is an approved 2 star hotel located in bazar, Kullu. Whether it is shopping for Kullu shawls and local handicrafts. There is easy access to all the popular tourist places that are worth visiting. The food service was very good at Hotel Siddharth’s. This hotel has 1 personal parking so that we can park our car bikes without any tension. 


We stayed for 1 night before going to Manali. We stayed at Siddharth Hotel in Kullu, So that the tiredness of all the way goes away and we can enjoy our Manali trip well. Whenever go on a long trip, it should always be remembered that our body should also relax so that we can enjoy our whole trip well. The more our body relaxes, the more we chill, we are happy and those who are with us also keep them happy. 

2. Where to eat

Yeh ahhh food is my favourite topic but whenever we go out we think that let’s try something new today , But it should be tasty and also in a little budget, if you ever go to Manali then definitely go to The Corner House Restaurants and Bar. The food and service there is amazing. There is variety of food items like Italian, Chinese, European, Asian, Tibetan . Very clean restaurant and the chef is also very clean and the taste and manager is very nice. You can even speak to them as spicy as you want, they will make you the same. And if you are a street food junkie then you can eat Momos Spring Roll in the market, it is very yummy. Food is very important for our stomach and for our health, so we should keep eating some health food and drink juice etc. Health will be good only then you will be able to enjoy the trip. 


3. Beautiful places

India 1 is a very beautiful country. There are some such places in India which are very beautiful, Such as Himachal, Delhi, Noida, Gujarat, Amritsar, Goa and many more. Himachal is one such state whose beauty is all around. There are many places in Himachal, where the heart becomes its own, such as Shimla, Manali, Leh-Ladakh, Kullu. And if we talk about Manali, there are many such places in Manali where you can roam such as Mall Road, Old Manali, Rohtang Pass. There is a lot of snowfall in Manali in November-December.  You can shop anything from Mall Road, there jackets, caps, shoes, suits are available. Tourists buy a lot from there, we also bought jackets, it was very hot and it was very nice design.  There is 1 waterfall in Old Manali which is very big and beautiful where people take bath, play games and click pictures. Kids, Uncle Aunty, Newly Married Couples all go there and spend their good time. Rohtang Pass is a tunnel where people come to see the view only 25-30 kilometers away from Manali, the weather there is colder than Manali. The length of Rohtang Tunnel is 9 km, it is very beautiful from inside too, you can make a video of it from inside too. These are the few places in Manali that have amazing vibes. 

4. What to do for enjoyment

People go on trips but they are not able to enjoy them openly. And if you went on a trip and didn’t enjoy it, then what a trip. Do something interesting for the enjoyment which is also enjoyable and will be remembered for the whole life. You can do paragliding or boating by going on a trip, so that you will be engaged and you will also enjoy.


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